VitaOrganizer 0.4 by soywiz- install VPKs ditectly to PS Vita via FTP


Here is a new tool- VitaOrganizer 0.4 allows user to upload more PS Vita games ditectly to your PS Vita without double memory card space.

Previously, users always needs 32GB/64GB memory cards if they want to play more games on their PS Vita console. Now VitaOrganizer 0.4 is out- Desktop tool for listing and uploading games and homebrew applications to PSVITA without the size requirements of uploading the whole VPK and extracting it later. And you can also view the size of game and whether a VPK is secure or not.

VitaOrganizer 0.4
■ Improved row selection
■ Supported translations (please, go to github if you want to translate to your own language)
■ Show file in explorer/finder
■ Show PSF dialog
■ Version column useful for homebrew
■ Repack : Compression 9 + Remove duplicates + Make it safe (for backups done with older versions of vitamin, or homebrew done with older versions of vitasdk or without -s but that do not require special permissions)
■ Queue tasks (not displaying yet, but already allows to queue)
■ Added menus that will provide more features in future versions
■ Lots of internal improvements
Download VitaOrganizer 0.4 from here

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