MaiDumpTool_V233.0 – Chinese dump tool for PS Vita

Great news. Another dump games tool MaiDumpTool_V233.0 has been released by Chinese developer. Many players might think it is a copy of Vitamin. But the TheFloW states that MaiDumpTool_V233.0 is superior to in some aspects as MaiDumpTool does re-relocate suprx/self’s and gives better compatibility.

MaiDumpTool_V233.0 features
● Can extract/decrypt games and patches (Both physical and digital)
● Can extract patches individually (Both physical and digital)
● Can install the games to your VITA directly, instead of dumping to a VPK.
● Can decrypt and load games that use the sce_modules
● Automatically loads all plugins in ux0:/plugins/
● Saves the original eboot to mai_moe/eboot_origin.bin
● Does not support grw games (With the patch file wthin the cart)
● Does not support some of the rare self loading games (Uncharted: Golden Abyss)
● If the game does not work properly, the solution (in two attempts)
The eboot.bin replaced mai_moe / eboot_origin.bin
Deletion two reserved sce_module / libc.suprx and sce_module / libfios2.suprx with _m of (???)
● This version does not support DLC, this will likely be added in the next version. (If there is a next version!)
● When dumping a game, the user can choose to install it to their VITA directly from the game, or pack it into a compressed VPK (Because the latter takes a while)
● PLEASE do not let the screen lock, as this will fail the dumping process.
● This tool is for study and research purposes only! Please delete it within 24 hours, and do NOT use it for commercial use.
Images from AIDA on gbatemp9100




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