Rincheat BETA v0.1- PS Vita first cheat engine

On Sep 4, one users named Rinnegatamante on wololo.net released a tool- Rincheat BETA v0.1 which is the first cheat engine of PS Vita. It is really a exciting news for PS Vita users, right?

Though, it is a Beta release which do not have fully function stuff. Rinnegatamante ask every PS Vita users for help and hope they can test this tool and give some feedback. So that he can fix the bugs and problem. With cooperation of users, the fully functional version of this plugin will release soon.

Rincheat features:
– Cheats Database support
– Real-Time Cheats with a Stack searcher+injector
– Screenshot feature (Press L+R+START)
– Clockage change
– Decrypted savedata export/import
– Stack dumping/restoring
– Autosuspend hack to disable autosuspend feature of PSVITA

How to use Rincheat BETA v0.1?

1. Download “rinCheat_BETA” and extract it. Copy “rinCheat.suprx.db” and “screenshots” to ux0:/plugins. If there is no plugins folder, you can create one new folder named plugins.
2. Open ux0:/plugins/game.txt and add this line to to the txt: ux0:/plugins/rinCheat.suprx 1
3. You can press SELECT+START to open rinCheat menu during game session.
Tips: If the game cashes after you press SELECT+START, it means the game can not use cheat currectly. The next release might solve this problem.

The db folder can be placed cheat file which is named as TITLEID.txt. The syntax for cheat file is:
@offset @value @size

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