How to use Vitamin to dump and decrypt PS Vita games for FW3.60

Several days ago, team FreeK’s Vitamin leaked by one their tester. This tool which is a great achievement in PS Vita scene opens the valves of piracy on the Vita. With hard working almost one month, team FreeK: MajorTom, Mr.Gas and TheFlow have wrotten this software. Most PS Vita players are excited about this news and appreciated the team’s work.

Vitamin is a tool which allows you to dump and decrypt PS Vita games, then play these games on PS Vita FW3.60 with Henkaku. The official released-Vitamin 1.0. Here are the features:

■ Amphetamin plugin
■ Additional self dumping (higher compatibility)
■ PARAM.SFO patching to prevent 0x80101144 error
■ Games are dumped as ‘safe’ homebrews
■ Auto-suspend blocker
■ More stable dumper
■ Better UI with progress bar and percentage

Use Vitamin to dump and decrypt PS Vita games for FW3.60
1. Install Henkaku on PS Vita v3.60
2. Dnwoload vpk file of the latest VitaShell and install it
3. Download vpk file of Vitamin and install it.
4. Insert PS Vita card(the one you want to dump) to console, select Vitamin bubble in the home screen.
5. It will show the games as well as apps. Press X on the game you want to dump.Vitamin01
6. Select” Dump full game” and start the process by pressing cross. Then Press X to continue.Vitamin02


Do it and then without closing party go back to Vitamin. Then press X to start the Dump.Vitamin04
7. When it dumped the game files it will switch between vitamin and the app you are dumping to decrypt the eboot.bin and finish the backup. When its done it will look like this.Vitamin05
8. You will find the dumped game in ux0:/Vitamin/YourDumpedGame.vpk and install the game on your PS Vita FW3.60

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