Which 3ds flashcart supports newer 3ds games

Recently, I find that some newbie for sky3ds asked why some newer 3ds games can not work with their sky3ds? In this post, i will tell you the reason and which 3ds flashcart supports the newer 3ds games.

many newer 3ds games released after Dec 12,2015 are Anti-Piracy checks which nintendo official used to block sky3ds. You may can write some games to the microSD, but you can not play this game with your sky3ds. As sky3ds can not support AP checks 3ds games. Only sky3ds+(sky3ds plus) can support all the new 3ds games with AP checks and non-AP checks.

For new users who want to buy sky3ds, please notice the difference of sky3ds and sky3ds+(sky3ds plus).



It is compatible with any 3ds console and any 3ds firmware version(including 3DSv11.0.0-33). If you just want to play some older 3ds games, sky3ds is enough. Please notice that few 3ds games new released is non-AP checks, which means many new 3ds games can not work with sky3ds.

Sky3ds+(sky3ds plus)

sky3ds+ card

Though it is more expensive than sky3ds. Sky3ds+ can support all the 3ds games, including all older 3ds games and new 3ds games(AP checks). The most important feature of sky3ds+ is firmware updatable. If Nintendo team updates to block sky3ds+, sky3ds official team will release a new firmware of sky3ds+ to bypass new AP checks. So you do not need to worry about the use of sky3ds+ in the future.

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