PS4 Slim and new controller leaked


Recently there are many rumor about PS4 new console- PS4 Slim. Several days ago, there are many photos of PS4 Slim leaked. One player claimed that he had gotten PS4 new console, including the whole package.7

Eurogamer contacted this player and showed a video of PS4 Slim booting on Youtube. This video has been deleted now. Many users says the pictures of of the device are suspicious and they might be Photoshop. But the journalists at Eurogamer have met the player and make sure that he own a PS4 Slim which can boot to main PS4 menu normally. And it confirms that PS4 Slim exists.

There will be an event held by Sony on 7th September in New York, where new update and news of PS4 will release. The PS4 Slim might be released in this event.

Besides, ZRZ uploaded a video showing off what it says is the new controller . According to the video, the obvious change is that one new light bar above its touch pad which might be designed for syncing up with the PlayStation VR headset. Dual Shock 4 slim-970-80
Source: PS4 Slims rumors confirmed real (video) on

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