How to setup R4i Save Dongle to backup 3DS/DSi/DS game save data

R4i Save Dongle.jpg

As you know, R4i Save Dongle can bakcup and restore game savers from 3DS/DSi/DS original game cart. In this post, we will introduce you how to setup R4i Save Dongle step in step.

R4i Save Dongle x1
3DS/DSi/DS original game cart x1
R4i Save Dongle downloaded pack

Basic Setting ①②③④⑤⑥⑦⑧⑨⑩
① Download drivers.rar and extract it. Open folders and run “vcredist_x86.exe” and “dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe”

Download “R4i Save Dongle downloaded pack” and extract it.

② Insert R4i Save Dongle to the USB ports of your PC , and run “SaveDongle Firmware Uploader.exe”
③ When Save Dongle has been read, long press “UPGRADE” buttom on R4i Save Dongle

④ Click “OPEN BIN FILE” and choose “SaveDongle_v13.bin” file.
⑤ Click “PROGRAM” to begin upgrading
⑥ After ungrading finishes, remove R4i Save Dongle.

Backup game save data
1. Run “R4i SaveDongle V1.5.exe”

2. Insert 3DS/DSi/DS original game cart to SaveDongle, then connect SaveDongle to your PC.
3. When the cart has been read, you can select 04to backup game save data from original game cart to PC, or 05to restore game save data from PC to original game cart.
Please notice that R4i Save Dongle can only backup the game save of 3DS/DSi/DS original game cart, but not the rom.
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