How to use New 3DS NTR CFW 3.4 preview2 Wireless Video Streamming


NTR CFW 3.4 preview2- new version of NTR CFW released and features a important function-wireless Video Streamming which enables users to stream video from NEW3DS to PC without a hard-mod.

NTR CFW 3.4 preview2 features

1. The CPU Clock Setting is a built-in feature for NTR CFW now. The cpuclock.plg file is no longer required. After a clock mode was selected, the console will be locked at the clock setting.

2. Backlight control. Control the backlight with far more options than official settings menu. The Backlight menu entry will be hidden if the console’s emunand is lower than 10.x.

3. Video streaming. Now it is possible to stream the screen to PC without a hard-mod. Read the wiki page for details. Frame-rate is improved by 3x~4x for most 3D games. (Normally 30~40 fps when quality set to 90, qosValue set to 100)

4. Multi-language. Users could make their own translations and fonts by developing language pack plugins.

Tips: ① Please do not apply this preview release to OLD3DS. It only supports NEW3DS.

② All the new features except video streaming will be ported on Old3DS in the next stable release.

③ In some circumstances the in-game plugin will fail to load after video streaming has been activated. If you need to active any other in-game plugins, it is recommended to start the video streaming after the game is loaded and paused in the home menu (by pressing the HOME button).

④ Closing the lid or switch to another game when video streaming was active, will cause console hangs. So do not close the lid or switch to another game when the video streaming was active.

Install NTR CFW 3.4 preview2

1. Download “” and extract it. Copy “ntr.bin” and “BootNTR.cia” to the root directory of your N3DS console SD card.
2. Install “NTR CFW”. You can install it with your gateway 3ds, just like install .cia games; After installing BootNTR.cia, you can press X+Y to activate NTR CFW. Here is the tutorial

Wireless Video Streaming user guide

Tips: Please make sure your PC and N3DS under the same high-quality WiFi network. Be careful with auto-update.

1. Install .NET framework 4. Configure the Windows Firewall to allow listen on TCP port 3000 and UDP port 8001.
2. Run viewer.bat and debug.bat, and two windows appear.
3. Run NTR CFW on your N3DS, Press X+Y buttom and menu appears. Select “Enable Debugger” and press A buttom
4. On NTR Debugger window, type connect(‘192.168.X.XXX’, 8000) and press enter to connect. 192.168.X.XXX should be replaced with your 3DS’s IP address.
5. Type remoteplay() and press enter.
6. Now you should be able to see the live game screen in NTRViewer. Adjust your WiFi AP settings if the quality does not satisfy you.
7. If you re start your N3DS, please follow steps from step3.

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