New features will come with PS4 firmware 4.0


Half month ago, Playstation opened a beta for upcoming PS4 system firmware update 4.0. If users has been selected to the beta, they will enjoy the new features in advance. Sony official team gives some details about new features with PS4 4.0.

1. UI Refresh
There are some changes in PS4’s main user interface: such as new system backgrounds and a revised What’s New tab, to smaller changes like updated popup notifications and redesigned system icons.
2. Quick Menu
The menu will only cover part of screen which means you can get information with no need to back to home screen. You can see the online status of your friends, and shortcuts to quickly access your Party, Favorite Groups, Communities, and more.
3. Folders and Library Organization
Users can create folders on PS4’s content launcher and Library which allows users to find his games quickly.
4. Others
Users can unload longer video clips to twitter, view the Trophy offline. The look of user profile has been updated.
source: Playstation blog

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