PlayStation Vita System Software 3.61 released


Yesterday, Sony official team released an update to the system software for PlayStation Vita systems. PS vita firmware 3.61 is out. This update aims at improving system performance.

Please notice that the HENkaku for PS Vita 3.6 which was released several days ago is patched by the latest firmware 3.61. If you still want to use HENkaku on your PS Vita, please do not update your PS Vita to 3.61.

How to update your PS Vita to 3.61 via internet?

1. Boot your PS Vita and configure your PS Vita system’s network settings. Please make sure PS Vita works with the internet.
2. Select [Settings] > [Start] > [System Update] > [Update Using Wi-Fi].
Tips: Please do not turn off the power during the update process. Otherwise, there might be system malfunction for your PS Vita.
Source: Sony official site

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