Gateway 3DS 4.1B Private Beta released

gateway new

After gateway 4.0B Private Beta released, there are many feedback sent to gateway official team. Gateway team has been hard- working in deal with the feedback and reports. There is a new private beta -Gateway 3DS 4.1B release which will fix some issue about Gateway Time Machine and improve stability of GATEWAY FASTBOOT(A9LH) feature.

Gateway 3DS 4.1B Private Beta changelog:
1. Fixed >9.2 down to 9.2 Gateway Time Machine issue for N3DS
2. Fixed WiFi issue for Gateway Time Machine on O3DS
3. Fixed auto rename of Nintendo 3DS folder when downgrading to 2.x for N3DS
4. Repacked N3DS & O3DS US Gateway Time Machine data pack
5. Amended N3DS install procedure to cater to >9.2 system versions
6. Menu lockout implemented.

In the past, all gateway users are able to get into the Gateway menu by holding down the [L] button during boot. But now, users need to hold down L+select to access to Gateway menu while GATEWAY FASTBOOT(A9LH) has been installed on 3DS. If you do not want to use GATEWAY FASTBOOT(A9LH) , you can still hold down L button to go to gateway menu.

In the end, the official team says that there will be something exciting in the next update.I believe all gateway 3ds users wonder what is new in the next update.
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