Release: PS4 Linux. Steam + Emulators + office out of the box

From, there is a new release about PS4-full Linux distrib allows you to run Steam + some other cool features. It must be ran with firmware 1.76 PS4. Here is the tutorial of how to install the Linux distrib.

Pre-configured linux distro, based on Fedora 23 with kernel patches from Fail0verflow team.
Uses OsirisX‘s works (3d acc., steam).ps4_linux_steam1


The Linux+Steam Distrib
PS4 with 1.76 FW
USB flash drive 8GB+
Any internet connection
USB keyboard/mouse
USB hub (optional)



Download and unpack the image
Use a program that can write dd-images. As example, this is rufus
Use settings as pictured below

Locate PS4Linux_0.1.1.img and press Start


Insert prepared usb stick into your ps4, run PS4 Playground and click the “load linux”
All done. Password for root and ps4 is 1
Also, you can boot this distro on PC as any other live usb (F8 when boot logo appears).

Installing games and programs:

Boot prepared usb stick as any other Linux LiveUSB on your PC
Configure Internet connection
Update Steam
Download and install anything you want (even wine)

Download PS4 Linux + Steam Distrib

You can download the torrent file here3

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