Buy B20 wireless bluetooth sports music watch speaker

B20 bluetooth watch speaker6

An amazing item which looks like a watch. But it is not a watch. and it is a watch style wireless bluetooth sports speaker. When people do some sports, they always like to listen to some music. But it is inconvenient to carry your iphone or ipad. This watch style speaker solve this problem for you.

It is convenient for you to carry this watch style speaker when you doing some sports. It has six powerful features which will let your have more comfortable life. The soft leather material wil give you good feel. It connects to your iphone with bluetooth and you can answer the phone with this watch speaker. You can also insrt TF card with some songs and listen to the music without bluetooth. The FM radio function will let you enjoy news and songs when doing some sports. Besides, users can use B20 watch speaker to control your phone remotely and take photos.The polymer battery supplies power and enable long standby time.

Here are five colors(While/black/red/gold/blue) available and you can choose one you like. Here are some pictures about the watch speaker.

B20 bluetooth watch speaker2B20 bluetooth watch speaker3

B20 bluetooth watch speaker4B20 bluetooth watch speaker5


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