How to use PS Vita Cobra Black Fin?

Cobra Black Fin dongle allows PS Vita and PS Vita Slim Wifi and 3G users to share their or friends’ Vita games as many as you can by connecting to a P2P network via from your PC. It is a game sharing P2P network system for your PS Vita.

In this post, we will introduce how to play games with Cobra Black Fin? The mode of operation of the Black Fin system is simple, but requires many components to work together for a successful game launch.

First run and Emulator Initialization

#Download and extract it. Open the Blackfin-1.0 folder and then enter the Drivers directory. 5191
#Click CDM211216_Setup installer to install it.5192
#Select control panel of your PC>Device manager >BlackFin Dongle, right click on the BlackFin Dongle entry and then select Update drive software:51935195

#Then select Browse my computer for driver software:5196
#Enter C:\Blackfin-1.0\Drives on the search bank5197
#Click next, the drive for BlackFin Dongle will be installed automatically. After installed, open the BlackFin application and make sure that the BlackFin Reader tab appears in the window.

#Insert a blank Micro SD card into your BlackFin Emulator, then insert it into any one of the seven card slots of the BlackFin Reader. Select BlackFin Emulator and click Card Emulator>Format Card. Now the Micro SD card has been formatted.5199

Setting the server to use with the BlackFin Software

You can set your BlackFin Software to connect to localhost (your own computer) which means that only original games connected to your PC and BlackFin Reader can be played, a public server will allow you to play any of the games available on the server.

# For localhost (your own computer), open C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\BlackFin\settings.conf and set: server-hostname=localhost. If you set the server-hostname to localhost, then you need to run the BlackFin Server(BlackFinServer.exe) whenever you wish to use the BlackFin Application.
# For Cobra BlackFin: server-hostname=cobra-blackfin.com51910

Authenticating your game cards

# First, select the card to authenticate
# At this point, the BlackFin Emulator must not be inserted in the Reader or in
Playstation Vita, or the Vita must be off
# Then select Authenticate card from the reader’s menu51911
# The Software will start scanning for the BlackFin Emulator
# You can now turn the Vita on and/or insert the BlackFin Emulator in the Vita
# Once the BlackFin Emulator is inserted in the Vita, it will be detected by the Software and authentication of the game card will begin51912
#After it is finished, the game is recognized by the BlackFin Software51913

Dumping a Vita Game Card to disk

Only a authenticated game card can be dumped.
# Select the game card.
# Select the Dump to disk option and choose the directory and filename to save the ISO file to

# The game content will be dumped to the ISO file.

Adding a game dump to the BlackFin Emulator MicroSD
Insert the formatted Micro SD card into your BlackFin Emulator, then insert it into any one of the seven card slots of the BlackFin Reader.

# Select the BlackFin Emulator and select the Add Game button51917
# Select ISO file you want to add to the Micro SD card
# The game will be added to BlackFin Emulator MicroSD51918
Playing a game through the BlackFin Emulator

# Insert the formatted Micro SD card with ISO file into your BlackFin Emulator, select Card Emulator tab and press the “Bluetooth: Connect” button
# Insert BlackFin Emulator into any one of slots of the BlackFin Reader. There will many games showed on the on the Emulator and server.
#The games on the Emulator part, you can play games in green; the games in red are not available to play. You can select the game you want to play, click Launch game and the game will be authenticated by the Vita through the BlackFin Server51920

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