Bravely Second End Layer USA/EUR and Yo-Kai Watch EUR can be played with SKY3DS on 3DSv11.0.0-33


Sky3ds team updates a new template file today. Many users wondered why the team did not update sky3ds template file for several month. I think that many latest 3ds games released this year are with AP check. Sky3ds can not support AP check 3ds games.

* Sky3DS updated template file [05/13/2016]

Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Added game:
CTR-P-BSEE 1479 – Bravely Second – End Layer(USA)
CTR-P-BSED 1460 – Bravely Second – End Layer(EUR)
CTR-P-AYWP 1487 – Yo-Kai Watch (EUR)

Bravely Second End Layer and Yo-Kai Watch EUR are the popular 3ds games recently. We just test with sky3ds blue button on 3DSv11.0.0-33 and confirmed that sky3ds can support Bravely Second End Layer USA/ EUR and Yo-Kai Watch EUR.

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