Nintendo NX will use Cartridges, not Disc Drives


News from screencritics is reported that the Nintendo NX console will use Cartridges, not Disc Drives. There is some proof about this news.

It is reported that the orders for ROM chips from nintendo will be added to Macronix’s which has the long cooperation with nintendo in the latter half of this year. At the same time, the nintendo team ha confirmed that NX will be released in March 2017. So the news implies that NX might use Cartridges, giving up Disc Drives.

Besides, Macronix recently began testing on it’s newer line of 32nm ROM chips which might be for Nintendo’s next-gen handheld- NX.

Foe users. it is hould be good news. Because cartridge is more convenient than Disc Drives. And there is also another speculation that nX might also has inside ROM chip, so the need for ROM chip from Nintendo has been increased.

Of course, they are all speculation and we can not make sure they are correct until the official team release the NX console.

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