Fx0day updated PS4 Playground with FTP Server and Debug Settings

Recently, there are many news about the Sony’s PS4 Debug Menu and PS4 FTP , which you can use to play on your PS4. But some users may not be able to run these tools on their hacked PS4. So Fx0day collect the things reported recently and updated PS4 Playground with an an FTP Server and those handy Debug Settings.

How to use PS4 Playground?

Firstly, your PS4 firmware must be 1.76. Start your PS4 and go to point your PS4’s browser to fx0day’s test url as the picture shows, or download the archive. Install it to your local server and go to your private network from your PS4. Going to your PS4 via FTP will enable you access some of your PS4’s files, such as getting a NAND backup.


Fx0day mentions that Ftp code comes from Xerpi , Bigoboss and himsely, and Flatz. designes Debug settings code.

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