SKY3DS+ supports 3DS games over 4GB.


Yesterday I wanted to test Bravely Second: End Layer US with my 3DS10.7. I found that the rom file can not be coped directly to my microSD card(FAT 32). So what is the problem? Because every rom file for FAT 32 microSD card can not be 4GB or over 4GB. The rom of Bravely Second: End Layer US is 4GB.

If users want to use sky3ds+ to play 3ds games whose rom file is 4GB or over 4GB, the rom file should be trimmed by rom tool. Then users can play the trimmed 3ds games with your sky3ds+.


Step 1: Download and extract the folder. Click one of the file 3DSExplorer.exe
Step 2: Click File >OPEN and then choose the rom you want to trim.
Step 3: Then click CCI >CCI . Then the rom has been trimmed. The rom which was over 4 GB has been trimmed to about 2.5GB.
Step 4: Finally copy the trimmed rom to your microSD card directly and play interesting 3ds games with sky3ds+ card.

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