How to set up sky3ds+ playing Monster Hunter X online?


Now many users like playing 3ds games online with sky3ds+. As the powerful feature of sky3ds+ latest kernel v112 which can share your private header for all online games play. In other words, you can use one private header to play many different game online. In this post, we will tell you how to dump your private header from genuine gamecard and use sky3ds+ to play online games.


New/Old 3DS v4.1-9.2
One r4 card/ace3ds plus/dstwo
3DS genuine gamecard


Step 1: We use dstwo card as example. Download dstwo kernel from its official site and extraxt the folder. Copy all the files and gateway[Blue Card (R4i)] files to root directory of your microSD card.


Step 2: Insert microSD card to dstwo and insert card to 3DS, Run and install GW_INSTALLER. Press Sysytem settings>Other settings>Profit>DS software settings, and it will go to gateway menu.

Remove dstwo card, insert 3DS genuine gamecard to your 3DS. Select BACKUP 3DS GAME CARITRIDEGE and press button Start. When backup done, there will be a *.3DS rom file in your 3DS SD card.


Step 3: Connect SD card and your PC with card reader, run
① The exploit will read the game actomatically and it will show the game’s name.
② Once the game can not be read actomatically, please click[设定ROM 目录] to read the game
③[更新ROM DB] you can click it to rename the game


Step 4: Doulbe click game’s name, you will see the game’s header information. The private header is 16 byte.
72 11 A2 08 D5 E8 CE 43 47 BA 7D 37 58 44 8C 38


If you need public header, please click⑤[查找别人分享的联机补丁] to get it. But there is high risk of being banned for using public header.


Step 5: Run Monster Hunter X with sky3ds+ and then remove flashcards. Open the settings.txt file in your microSD card, add the CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=1 to your settings.txt file.
Then save it and run Monster Hunter X again. Change CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=1 to CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=o and save it.
Open .cfg file and add the private header(72 11 A2 08 D5 E8 CE 43 47 BA 7D 37 58 44 8C 38) to “GAMESAVE_KEY=”.


Step 6: Save .cfg file and turn on your wifi. You can play online Monster Hunter X.

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