3DS New Released Enterpoint: supermysterychunkhax for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Lately, developer Shinyquagsire launched a new enterpoint named supermysterychunkhax for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. It can enter into Homebrew Launcher directly.

An original cartridge or digital of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
US and JPN system console: firmwares >= V9.9
EUR system console: firmware >= V10.2

supermysterychunkhax use a savegame in order to run *hax service, another “primary” exploit such as browser hax, Smash Bros or Cubic Ninja is required.
First, download the latest homebrew starter kit and decompress the files to your mircoSD card.
Second, Download supermysterychunkhax v1.0 release build ZIP, decpmpress it to mircoSD card and run using Homebrew Launcher. In the installer you will be prompted to select the appropriate version for the system and then the selected exploit version will be downloaded and installed to your consoler.

super 2super 3super 4super 5super 6

super 1

Please remember, upon successful installation, all the date of existing savegame will be clean, and the original game won’t to play. So it’s better to make a savegame backup before installing.
Update and Remove:
If there have new system released, supermysterychunkhax will be updated because of the payload function. After loading the game, select Update *hax payload and the version of the *hax payload under the menu, then press A to update.
you wish to install, and then press A
If you want to remove supermysterychunkhax, just select clear savegames, the data will be cleared.

Data source: http://wololo.net/2016/04/24/3ds-release-supermysterychunkhax-3ds-userland-exploit-for-pokemon-super-mystery-dungeon/

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