GBA flashcart EZ-FLASH4 instructions


As we all know users want to play GBA games, you need EZ FLASH 3IN1 and DS flashcart to run GBA games on DS console. There is a new GBA flashcart -EZFLASH4, which can play GBA games on NDS,NDSL,GBA,GBA SP,GBM consoles directly, no ds flashcart needed. In this post, we will introduce youhow to set up EZ-FLASH4 on DS


1x microSD card
1x GBA game

Step 1: Download some gba games from reliable sites and you can view the games we downloaded.

Step 2: Download the needed kernel:EZ4 Kernel 1.76 and EZ4 Client 2014 from official site.
Format microSD card to FAT32 and connect your microSD card to your PC with card reader.

Step 3: Extract folder and run EZ4_Client.exe. You can get the blew window.

Step 4: Click “Open” and choose one gba game you downloaded. The rom must be renamed as English name, for example: ABCDEFGH.gba/ABCD1234.gba.

Click “config” to choose removable disk(your microSD card).

Click”send” and it will begin to send the games to your microSD card.

Step 5: Extract folder”EZ4 Kernel 1.76″ and copy all the files to the root directory of microSD card. Your microSD card should be like this:

Step 6: Insert microSD card to EZ-FLASH4 and then insert EZ-FLASH4 to DS console SLOT-2.

Step 7: Start DS console and select the first one”My GBA”, press button A to continue;
Select EZ-Disk and press A again;
Select the gba game and press A.Then it will begin to write the game automatically. When completed you can play gba games freely.


1. If you have written one gba game and want to write another one. Please turn off your console and then turn on it to write the next games just like step7.

How to upgrade EZ-FLASH4?

Download the latest EZ-FLASH4 kernel and extract the folder. Copy all the files to the root directory of microSD card. Insert EZ-FLASH4 with microSD card to DS console. Turn on DS and press button R which wil begin to update. When finished, it will be back to the menu. Please do not turn off your DS when upgrading.

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